Carnegie Telephone Company is proud to serve our customers with cutting-edge technology. We offer various services to the Carnegie, Alfalfa, Fort Cobb, and Fort Cobb Lake communities.

We’re most of our all-fiber-optic network that serves almost 85% of our customer base. Our fiber optic network brings advanced internet service, with unbelievable speeds, to almost a thousand doorsteps in the Carnegie community in Southwest Oklahoma. Our fiber network also brings lightning-fast internet to every customer in our territory through the use of other technologies. Our philosophy is simple: we want to bring the fastest internet experience possible to every single customer we can serve.

We also offer TV service to the Carnegie and Fort Cobb communities through our partner company, Carnegie Cable. We have a compelling lineup of programming, including local broadcast TV, national cable channels, regional sports programming that includes all NBA games from the Oklahoma City Thunder, all MLB games for the Texas Rangers, the St. Louis Cardinals, and other MLB games for the Kansas City Royals as well. Our TV service also includes a TV Everywhere product for selected networks at no additional charge. You can watch live TV from any connected device, no matter where you are!

Take a look around and see what exciting products we have to offer to you.