Have you taken a great photo around the Carnegie area this year?

If so, you need to enter that photo into our 2018 Photo Contest. This contest is in partnership with the Carnegie Tri-County Free Fair. The winner of the contest wins $100 cash, and their photo is selected to be on the cover of our 2019 Telephone Directory.

Below are some examples of recent winners of the contest. Your photo could be the next one, and it’s so simple to send it to us. Find your perfect photo that you think best represents what you love about our community, then scroll on down to enter it!


Contest Entry

Please fill out the following items, select your photo file, and send it our way! You can also enter the contest using a printed photo at the Carnegie Fair this year on August 8.

This photo was taken by me personally.

I authorize Carnegie Telephone Company, its assigns, subsidiaries, successors-in-interest, an irrevocable, royalty-free release from any copyright on this image.

I am in agreement with the Terms & Conditions of the contest, which is provided at the bottom of this page.

In the event that I win the contest, I agree to physically sign a contract and/or release form specifically outlining the terms and conditions herein presented before I will receive any payment of money to me.

All questions & fields must be completed. A "Select File" option will appear when all required information has been entered. You must then also click the "I'm Not a Robot" box before you can hit "Send".


Contest terms and conditions are found here.