Construction in Fort Cobb: Building a better network for the future!

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We’ve been working for several months on planning and preparation to get Fort Cobb connected to an all-new high-speed GIGABIT FIBER network. This week, since the rains let up just a bit, we were able to get back to hanging more cable and installing equipment. We’re well on the way towards turning our first customers up on this new system in just a few short weeks. Take a look at some of the progress we captured today in pictures:

Talon Davis fastens fiber cable to our lines in an alley behind Main Street in Fort Cobb
Cameron Manley, Talon Davis, and Luke Kinder look over the lines they just put up in the 1st street alley in Fort Cobb.
Matt Smith, Luke Kinder and Cameron Manley pull the lashing machine down an alley as we complete one more street of construction.
Randall Hatcher and Travis Ridgeway install new equipment in our distribution cabinet to connect all of the fiber cables together.