Our Mission

To provide our communities with state-of-the-art communications services with hometown service and support.

This house served as our first office back in 1915.
This house served as our first office back in 1915.

Company History

Carnegie Telephone Company had its start near the founding of Carnegie in 1903, starting from a single, operator-driven switchboard. Through innovation and growth, our service area expanded from a few hundred operator-switched lines in downtown Carnegie to include some 250 square miles of service territory in southwest Oklahoma.

Carnegie Telephone was one of the first companies in Oklahoma to implement 100% digital switching in the early 1990’s, far outpacing much larger companies in Oklahoma City and Tulsa. We were also the first company in western Oklahoma to offer high-speed DSL internet service to 100% of our customer base, including those subscribers more than 20 miles from our offices. We pride ourselves on the fact that 100% of our customers are capable of high speed DSL service, and almost 80% of our customers are connected to a state-of-the-art Fiber Optic network, with Fiber internet being available directly to their home.

Our company’s milestones in the last five years include:

  • Building one of the first Fiber-to-The-Home deployments in western Oklahoma. As of May 2016, we have built and connected over 725 homes and businesses to our fiber network in the town of Carnegie and some surrounding areas.
  • Burying almost 150 miles of fiber optic cable to bring true broadband internet to every customer in our territory
  • Performing a complete upgrade to our Cable TV system, enabling crystal-clear picture quality, over 300 channels of programming.
  • With our sister company, Carnegie Cable, we offer a robust lineup of HD programming to our customers, as one of the first cable-based HDTV services in western Oklahoma. Today, we include all major national networks like TBS-HD, TNT-HD, ESPN-HD, ESPN2-HD, National Geographic HD, History HD, A&E HD, and Fox Sports Southwest HD

Since our humble beginnings, we have evolved into a technology-driven provider of many different services to the towns of Carnegie and Alfalfa, Oklahoma.

Carnegie Telephone Company is a member of the following associations and cooperatives:

Our subsidiary, Carnegie Cable Company, is also member of the following associations and cooperatives:1951 Group Picture w-caption

Our company is family-owned and operated, and it has been for over 95 years. We value the the fact that our independent ownership has brought continuous innovation and top-notch customer service to all of our customers.

Carnegie Telephone Company is actively involved in our communities. Our employees routinely volunteer their time to assist in community events ranging from the annual talent show, Tri-County Fair, Canna Festival, World Championship Domino Tournament, Carnegie High School Biennial Alumni Reunion, Carnegie Round Up Club Rodeo, and much more.  Our employees and owners are committed to our community and supporting our local organizations and schools.

Our company’s officers include the following individuals:

Current Employees (from left) Jimmy Ridgeway, Travis Ridgeway, and Matt Smith work at splicing a customer's house into the new fiber network.
Employees (from left) Jimmy Ridgeway, Travis Ridgeway, and Matt Smith work at splicing a customer’s house into the new fiber network.
  • Lyn Johnson, President & CEO
  • Gary Woodruff, Vice-President & COO
  • Leslie Woodruff, Secretary/Treasurer

Our company’s staff includes the following:

  • Darrin Cornelison, C.O. Manager/Customer Service Technician
  • Roy Harrison, Customer Service Technician
  • Cathy Kuykendall, Customer Service & Billing
  • Judy Patterson, Accounting & Customer Service
  • James Powers, Operations Manager/Customer Service Technician
  • Jack Sanders, Customer Service Technician
  • Matthew Smith, Customer Service Technician
  • Travis Ridgeway, Outside Plant Manager/Customer Service Technician
  • Henry Autaubo, FTTH Project Lead Technician
  • Cameron Manley, FTTH Project Lead Technician
  • Luke Kinder, FTTH Project Technician
  • Shawn Lucus, FTTH Project Lineman