Important Disclsoure about Cable TV service

Channels for Legacy Cable are NOT PROVIDED in an Analog format. As such, a TV with a compatible Digital Tuner is required to access the digital channels. Channels are provided in industry-standard QAM format, using MPEG2 compression. TV’s with an “over the air” tuner, otherwise known as an 8VSB tuner, will not tune a digital cable channel. We will not provide, nor are we responsible for providing a compatible tuner so that you can access these channels. This is to be provided at your sole direction and expense.

Limitation on Acceptance of New Customers

Beginning January 1, 2020, Carnegie Cable will not accept new customers to its legacy TV platform. Interested customers are encouraged to use the new CarnegieTV service instead. Customers that are disconnected for any reason will not be eligible for reconnection to the legacy TV platform.

Disclaimer of Warranties

Carnegie Telephone Company dba Carnegie Cable, makes no representation of warranties, fitness for a particular purpose, or guarantees of uptime or reliability regarding its TV services. Service shall be provided on an ‘as-available’ basis, meaning that the following, but not limited to: weather, interference, acts of God, and other external factors may interrupt your service.