What goes up must come down

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We started working on bringing fiber optic internet & TV to areas around Carnegie almost two years ago. We are almost done with that project, with almost 750 homes & businesses now connected to one of the most state-of-the-art networks in Oklahoma. But… We still have to take down all of the old copper-based wires and cables up in the air, along with all of the old equipment we used to use! On May 31, we started the wreck-out process in earnest, right north of Main Street by the Nazarene Church. It’s going to take us all summer to tear down lines and clean up after ourselves

Image of tearing down cables in Carnegie, Oklahoma
Travis Ridgeway and Shawn Lucus start the work of tearing down old copper cables in Carnegie

Know What’s Below… Call 811 before you dig!

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We have it on the tailgates of our trucks, and you’ve heard the Call Okie jingle on the radio a hundred times. We just can’t say how important it is for you to make sure there are no underground cables before you dig, trench, or do other excavation work on your property or on the highway or county right-of-way. Right before Memorial Day weekend, we had to repair a 25-pair cable that was accidentally cut by a contractor that didn’t call 811 to have us locate our lines. It’s not only a good idea, it’s the law. Oklahoma law requires anyone planning on digging or excavation to call for a locate of all underground facilities. It’s a quick, one-minute phone call, and it’s free. What’s not free is if you cut, even accidentally, a cable, water pipe, or electric line. Also, and most importantly, you are endangering your life. Underground power lines can kill in an instant. So just do the right thing… Call 811 before you dig!

Picture of two technicians repairing a cut phone cable
Henry Autaubo and Cameron Manley repair a cut underground phone cable

Bucket trucks are good for learning, too!

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Today our employees took a field trip to the Carnegie Elementary School to assist the fifth grade students in an experiment with their “egg drop” project. We were glad to help out in the name of science!

Picture of Bucket Truck & Fifth Graders at Carnegie Elementary School
Carnegie Telephone Company employee Travis Ridgeway took our bucket truck up to the elementary school to help them in their “egg drop” experiment

CarnegieCable now offering Cable Modem Service to Fort Cobb

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CarnegieCable, an affiliate of Carnegie Telephone Company, is ready to give Fort Cobb an option for some REAL Internet service. We now offer high-speed internet to the fine people of Fort Cobb, Oklahoma. We’ve been busy over the last few months upgrading the cable system in Fort Cobb to offer the most advanced services ever offered in this community. Do you get  your TV from a satellite company? That’s fine with us. You don’t need to get your TV from us to get REAL Internet! Speeds up to 50 megs/second are available to homes and businesses throughout the town. Are you unhappy with your current internet speeds? Call us today to sign up and see how REAL Internet feels! Are you constantly running out of data on your mobile phone plan? The answer is ultra-fast in-home WiFi that has no usage caps or bandwidth limits. What you get from us is all the internet you want for one low monthly fee.

You’ve probably seen our guys working over in Fort Cobb the last few months. We’ve been taking our time to get the cable system upgraded and ready for serious speeds. This speed test from one of our test locations shows that we’re ready to offer some SERIOUS speeds to our customers. That’s right… 50 megabit/second service is available NOW to Fort Cobb.


Your local Internet, Phone & TV provider

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Carnegie Telephone Company is proud to serve our customers with cutting-edge technology. We offer service to the Carnegie, Alfalfa, and Fort Cobb Lake communities with internet, telephone, and TV service.